Meet the Fans


Since the launch of the Kenpo Kards, we have been collecting pictures of our fans from around the country and around the world.
Please, take some time to enjoy the picures in this gallery. We do!

If you would like to see your own fan picture here, show us your kards and we'll try to get the photo on the site as soon as possible.

2 Students from Rick Jeffcoat's Kenpo School in Pasadena, CA
show their affection for the Kenpo Kards at the Frank Trejo,
Long Beach internationals
Bubba, our youngest Kenpo Kards fan
Raffle winner of "Leaping Crane" at John and Robyn Kocyla's
tournament and camp in Kalamoth Falls, Oregon
Kenpo Kards are a huge hit for the future generations of kenpoists
at Huntington, NY at Steve Cordaro's studio
Larry Tatum student watching the signing of the first purchased
Dek 1 press sheet in Pasadena, CA
Kenpo Kards get introduced to over 400 Kenpoists in Venezuela.
Kenpo Kard seminar discussion - July, 2005 in London, England After a Kenpo Kards seminar in Bellingham, MA with Ed Wilson
and school owner John Buccino
British Kenpo Karate Union at London kenpo camp
after Kenpo Kards seminar
Graham Lelliot's dude ranch camp in Fresno, CA
after Kenpo Kards introduction.
Kenpo Kards come to Shawn Knight and Andrew Pilch's
kenpo camp in Tucson, AZ
150 plus Irish get introduced to the Kenpo Kards in Dublin, Ireland
Chris Canniford from Exeter, England and Ed Parker Jr.
with artwork from the Kenpo Kards Guide book
Harry Lamphere owner of the Maui Kenpo Dojo,
and students with the Kenpo Kards
in Lahina, Maui, Hawaii

Kenpo Kards Art Galleries


Over this past year, we have had a number of Kenpo Kard Studio art galleries pop up around the world! We would like to take this time to highlight just three of those galleries. Check back often for more gallery highlights!

Cornwall, England. The first Kenpo Kard Gallery in Europe! Congratulations to Master Bob Rose, he has the first sixty 8 Ĺ x 11 matted giclee prints by Ed Parker Jr. All 60 prints of Tech Dek 1 are displayed upon the walls of his Cornwall dojo since Mr. Parkerís visit in July of 2005. Now with the completion of Tech Dek 2, we look forward to seeing what he does with the next sixty matted giclee prints.

Sanger, California. J.R Diazís gallery grows! After Mr. Parkerís visit in December of 2005, J.R.ís gallery of the Kenpo Kard artwork has grown to almost 50 18 x 24 giclee prints. J.R.ís creativity made him one of the pioneers of Ed Parker Jr subscription gallery program. Mr. Diaz is a very big supporter of the artwork and Kenpo Kards by EPAKS, Inc. and was the first gallery curator. J.R. himself approached Mr. Parker at a seminar with his idea for the subscription gallery program.

Boca Raton, Florida. After hurricane Wilma flooded and caused severe damage to one of his three Kenpo Studios, the Executive Director of USA Martial Arts and Fitness, Richard Hartman made the decision it was not only time to repair, but time to remodel. So comes the birth of a new gallery! The remodeling is now underway at All Star Karate in Boca Raton Florida. Upon completion in a few weeks we will have our first Gallery in the State of Florida. Mr. Hartman, aka Mr. H, owns three Kenpo Studios in South Florida, so we might be seeing two more in the not so distant future. With his three schools, ďHĒ was EPAKS first retailer of the Kenpo Kards.

This exciting, affordable, and flexible program is available to studio owners everywhere. Call us at 626-757-2142 for details.

JR Diaz working on the gallery Ditto
JR Diag gallery getting close to completion Ditto

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