What is EPAKS, Inc.?

EPAKS is an acronym that can stand for a great many things, but we like to think it stands for
Education, Perpetuation, and Advancement of the Kenpo System.
We chose this meaning because we feel it best represents what it is we want to accomplish as a company. It is, in effect, our mission statement. It also efficiently explains our driving force into the 21st century - to continue on the foundation laid out by SGM Edmund K. Parker.

Who is EPAKS?

EPAKS was originally founded by Edumnd K. Parker Jr. and Ken Herman. But, we have always seen our roles as simply conduits and/or focal points into which the creative aspects of the art could be channeled.
But, we are not alone. Recently, have had one of our research team take over our sales and marketing department - his name is Marc Wolpert. Marc has been working with us behind the scenes since almost the beginning. He is now our major contact to the outside world. His invaluable services provide us with the ability to continue developing the outstanding products you have grown accustomed to from us. We have also assembled a number of teams and individuals with whom we consult and use for editing and input. Together, we all share the same goal - the continuation of the Kenpo system.

What does EPAKS do?

Our goal is to provide the Kenpo community with the highest quality products and services. We feel that in order for our art to survive and flourish, we need to stand out. And, we are making every effort to represent Kenpo to the outside world as a modern, innovative, and quality martial art form.
Currently, the Kenpo Kards and the Guide to the Kenpo Kards are perfect examples of the quality products we intend to produce. But, these products are just the beginning of what we have planned for the future.

How do I contact EPAKS?

Contacting us is simple - you can do it here.


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