Tech Dek 3 - Progress Report

Pompano Beach, FL - Progress on Dek 3 has reached a major develoment. The third and final Dek of the Tech Dek series is finally artwork and information complete. It is has been our goal to make this third and final Dek "the jewel in the crown" of the Kenpo Kards Tech Dek series - and we think we succeeded.

In order to get to market quicker and try to help bring American Kenpo into the 21st century, we decided to release Tech Dek 3 to the public in our Android Kenpo Kard app first. Next, we will make some of the images available for purchase as artwork (check our online store for more details). And finally, we plan to make Tech Dek 3 available to the public as a standard dek and press sheet.

 16 July 2011
Current Progress

What you will find below is a general list of the tasks is takes to create the Kenpo Kards. The tasks are broken up into three sections, with each section showing where we are in the development stage. Each section also shows which tasks historically take the longest to complete.

Back of the Tech Dek 3 Tasks

  Decide on which Kards will be in Tech Dek 3
  Decide on layout for Kards
  Layout all Kards
  Write text on Kards - (this is the longest task)
  Create symbology on Kards - (this is the second longest task)
  Edit / review Kard content

Front of the Tech Dek 3 Tasks

  Decide on which Kards will be in Tech Dek 3
  Come up with initial illustration ideas for all Kards
  Sketch out preliminary illustrations
  Collect elements to be used in illustrations
  Create illustrations - (this is the longest task)
  Edit / review Kard illustrations

Tech Dek 3 Printing Tasks

  Layout Kards for press - i.e. create the press sheet
  Send press sheet to printer for trail press run
  Review / edit / approve trial press run - (this can be the longest task, if there are errors)
  Print Kards - (this is typically the longest task)
  Update website with new Dek information


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