New Products!
Forms Books in Hardcopies!

The EPAKS books that were only available in digital format are now available in hard copy!

These books are a must for any American Kenpo practitioner. They are not only the most comprehensive books on the forms ever produced, but they also contain quizzes so that you can test your knowledge of the forms. Our Store
  EPAKS E-Books!

The Official EPAKS Guide to the Kenpo Kards and The Official EPAKS Guide to Short Form One is now available on Google Play, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble for digital download.
Follow the link to purchase the book from Amazon's website.
Follow the link to purchase the book from the Barnes & Noble website.
Follow the link to purchase the book from the Google Play Store.

EPAKS on the Web

Now you can follow EPAKS on the web!
Aside from this website, EPAKS now has the following other online services:
a blog
a Facebook page
a Google+ page
a YouTube channel

Get information such as:

 announcements from EPAKS
 behind the scenes information on our YouTube videos
 In-depth American Kenpo information
 and much more...

Its our goal to bring as many of these services to you for free. But, in the end, we have to charge for certain products and services.
Feel free to ask us questions or make comments on stuff your see. Or, let us know if you have any suggestions on stuff you want to see or things we can do to.

  EPAKS Goes Digital

EPAKS is proud to anounce that we have released digital versions of many of our products and some new digital only products. The following products are now available digitally - Kenpo Kards for android and the Kenpo Kard Guide book. New products now available are - The American Kenpo Quick Reference App. Marketplace
  Kenpo Kard App Available
Containing Dek 3!

After much work, EPAKS, Inc. has released the full version and tablet version of the Kenpo Kards App for Android. Both, the full version and tablet version of the Kenpo Kards App contains information on all the techniques in the American Kenpo system, and include all three tech deks - including the as yet unprinted tech dek 3. And, each are available in the Android Marketplace for the same price - $19.99. One of the major features of the app is it's ability to sort and play the Kenpo Kards in very sophisticated and detailed ways. Which allows for in depth exploration and practice of the techniques of American Kenpo. Marketplace
  Tech Dek 1
Limited Availability!

EPAKS has reached a milestone!
We have almost sold completely out of Tech Dek 1. To make the available quantities last until we get a chance to reprint a new dek, we are limiting sales to certain combo packages. We can only say thank you to all of you that have shown your support to this project. In just four short years, Kenpo Kards have spread all over the world - including the Americas, Europe, and Asia! And here in the USA, Kenpo Kards are in every state in the Union. Our Store
  Highlighted Products

Short Form One Book
Long Form One Book

$35.00 (savings = $5)

* BOTH PRESS SHEETS (unsigned)

Guide Book
Tech Dek 1
Tech Dek 2
Press Sheet 1
Press Sheet 2



Guide Book
Tech Dek 1
Tech Dek 2

$80.00 (savings = $10)


Guide Book
Tech Dek 2

$40.00 (savings = $10)


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